Call for Paper

The seminar is divided into six sessions as detailed below. Academic researches, working papers,commentaries and other contributions are invited for the technical sessions. A few subject areas are specified for the sessions but researches working in other disciplines may also contribute as the wisdom of ‘Bhagwad-Gita’ cannot be captured in modern compartments of disciplines.

Inaugural Session Nov 25, 10 am -1.00 PM Bhagwad-Gita in modern interconnected world
Technical Session 1 Nov 25, 2.30 PM-6.00 PM Man – Technology Conflict in Digital Age & Its Resolution through Philosophy of Srimad Bhagwad-Gita
Technical Session 2 Nov 26, 10.00 AM- 1.00 PM ‘Self’ Tourism in the sacred spaces of Bhagwad-Gita
Technical Session 3 Nov 26, 2.30 PM- 6.00 PM Corporate Governance and Srimad-BhagwadGita, Management Ideas in Srimad-Bhagwadgita
Technical Session 4 Nov 27, 10.00 AM- 1.30 PM Timeless wisdom of Srimad-Bhagwad-Gita
Valedictory Session Nov 27, 3.00PM-5.00 PM Outcome of the Seminar

Highlights of the seminar

Renowned international and national scholars and thinkers of Bhagwad-Gita will be part of the seminar.
Seminar shall provide a platform for a dialogue between the past and the present.
Selected Research papers will be published in a book with ISBN number or in a journal with ISSN number that will include researches from different subjects and languages.
The proceedings of seminar can provide a valuable direction for future research and works on Bhagwad-Gita.
The seminar is supported by the Govt. of Haryana and outcomes of discussions shall provide new ideas and way forward for developing Kurukshetra as a land of Bhagwad-Gita.

Who should attend?

Academicians, Researchers, Scholars, Writers, Thinkers, industry experts and Students

Submission Guidelines

Papers on the suggested themes or related themes can be submitted. Full papers shall be 3000-5000 words with an abstract of 300 words and shall include name(s) of author(s), affiliation, postal and e-mail address. Papers can be written in English/Hindi/Sanskrit and shall be submitted by Oct 10, 2017.

Papers shall follow the style sheets for their respective disciplines as papers are expected from diverse academic disciplines such as Sanskrit, Tourism, Philosophy, Management, Law, Environment and Sciences. However APA style sheet is recommended wherever applicable. Papers by experts from outside university system will be part of special section of commentaries.

Contributors shall be informed of acceptance of their contributions by Oct 20, 2017. Abstract (s) of all accepted contributions shall be published in the seminar Souvenir. Selected papers will be considered for publication in the seminar proceedings in the book form with ISBN number.

Abstracts and Papers can be submitted to Dr Surjeet Kumar, Communications Incharge Seminar, Dept of Tourism and Hotel Management, Kurukshetra University Kurushetra-136119 through email to