About The Seminar

"Making New India: Insights from Bhagavad-Gita"

Bhagwad-Gita, the revered scripture has been studied all over the world and is extensively translated and interpreted text. Its unfathomable depth still spellbinds the researchers to look for deeper meanings. It has found space in almost all new and traditional academic disciplines. The magnetism of Bhagwad-Gita has attracted devotees, ascetics, researchers, common man alike and continues to fascinate learners. Its association with Kurukshetra lies in the belief about its genesis at a place Jyotisar in the land of Mahabharata. Gita Jayanti has been traditionally celebrated in Kurukshetra as an important occasion that was elevated to international level through International Gita Mahotsav. The annual festivities of this occasion include many programmes associated with Gita including intellectual deliberations in the academic seminar. This is third seminar in the row. The earlier seminars have been attended by the galaxy of experts who shared their researches contributed with new inputs. The seminar for the year 2018 is planned with the objective(s) of sharing cross cultural works and provide platform for knowledge building. The theme for the seminar is set in modern times where the insights from Bhagwad-Gita can provide a balanced approach for making of new India.